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    INARTIS NETWORK is one of the eleven NTN’s (National Thematic Network) supported by the Commissionfor Technology and Innovation (CTI), the Swiss agency for the promotion of technology and innovation.The INARTIS NETWORK mission is to create value and jobs across the Swiss Life Sciences economythrough innovation. INARTIS NETWORK, a non-profit organization based in Lausanne, focuses onfostering trans-disciplinary R&D projects to deliver « Innovation Made in Switzerland ».

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    To increase the competitiveness of the Life Sciences sector and to cater for our ever-growing companies, INARTIS NETWORK concentrates on the multi-disciplinary interfaces by  basing itself on a model which calls upon  “Community Sourcing” and, in particular, on a largely unexploited resource in Switzerland: our senior citizens.

    The compartmentalization of knowledge is a true barrier to innovation.  At the present time, new products which anchor the competitiveness of companies are the result of both technology integration and multi-disciplinary knowledge.

    If the large companies have to struggle to implement this multi-disciplinary approach, it is primarily due to over-specialization and organizational fragmentation.  However, when it concerns start-ups and SME’s, this struggle is mainly due to a lack of expertise and scarcity of resources.

    We at INARTIS NETWORK train highly specialized individuals striving to implement a multi-disciplinary vision.  In concrete terms, this is reflected in insufficient incremental innovation to change the paradigms which are the result of a stalling of innovation.  In order to respond to this situation and to strengthen the positioning of our industry, INARTIS NETWORK proposes placing itself at this interface and thus cater for our ever-growing companies.

    How can we integrate so many skills and abilities?  By drawing on the experience of a community.  Refusing to render a support set-up even more complex for extremely diverse innovation, INARTIS NETWORK proposes a radically new approach, complementary to existing initiatives by resorting to ‘Community Sourcing’ and one of the largely neglected resources in Switzerland today ; the wealth of EXPERIENCE OF ITS SENIOR EXPERTS.

    In order to guarantee a distinct interaction flow between the country’s main R&D institutions and the economic fabric (notably of our SME’s), ‘Innovation Consulates’ will endeavour to knit the Swiss regions more closely together.

    In other words, these are not just a small number of individuals who will be of service to our economy and our SME’s, but rather, thousands of professionals who will contribute to this targeted initiative organized by INARTIS NETWORK.

  • INARTIS NETWORK (Français)

    Pour accroître la compétitivité du secteur des Sciences de la vie et pourvoir nos entreprises en moteurs de croissance, INARTIS NETWORK se concentre sur les interfaces transdisciplinaires en s’appuyant sur un modèle faisant appel au « community Sourcing » et en particulier sur une ressource grandement inexploitée en Suisse : nos seniors.

    Le cloisonnement des connaissances est un frein à l’innovation. A l’heure actuelle, les nouveaux produits ancrant la compétitivité des entreprises sont les fruits de l’intégration de technologies et de savoirs transdisciplinaires.

    Si les grandes entreprises peinent à établir cette transdisciplinarité, c’est essentiellement par excès de spécialisation et par fragmentation organisationnelle. Pour ce qui est des start-ups et PME, c’est plutôt par méconnaissance et absence de ressources.

    A l’exception de quelques cursus, nous formons des personnes hyperspécialisées qui peinent à intégrer une vision transdisciplinaire. Ceci se reflète concrètement dans des innovations essentiellement incrémentales insuffisantes pour changer les paradigmes qui sont le fruit d’innovations de rupture. Pour répondre à ce constat et renforcer le positionnement de notre industrie, INARTIS NETWORK propose de se positionner aux interfaces et ainsi pourvoir nos entreprises en moteurs de croissance.

    Comment intégrer tant de compétences ? En s’appuyant sur l’expérience d’une communauté. Se refusant de complexifier un paysage de soutien à l’innovation déjà très divers, INARTIS NETWORK propose une approche radicalement novatrice et complémentaire aux initiatives existantes faisant appel au «Community Sourcing» et à une des richesses grandement inexploitée en Suisse,  l’EXPERIENCE de ses SENIORS.

    Afin de garantir la fluidité des interactions entre les principales institutions de R&D du pays et le tissu économique (dont de PME) des « innovation consulates » mailleront le territoire helvétique.

    Ainsi ce ne sont pas quelques Individus qui seront au service de notre économie et de nos PME, mais des milliers de professionnels qui contribueront à cet effort ciblé et organisé par INARTIS NETWORK.



The INARTIS NETWORK (in) is one of the eleven NTN (National Thematic Networks) selected by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), the Swiss agency for the promotion of technology and innovation.


in is the only NTN from the French speaking part of Switzerland. For more information, follow the link: https://www.kti.admin.ch/kti/en/home/unsere-foerderangebote/fuer-forschende/vernetzungsmoeglichkeiten.html


INARTIS NETWORK started its activity on January, 1st 2013 with targeted actions throughout Switzerland.


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The INARTIS NETWORK (in) mission is to boost innovation in the Swiss Life Sciences Swiss economy. in focuses on a trans-disciplinary approach and relies on the most experienced people in this field: Senior Experts, including retired Senior Experts from industry and academia. Our network of experts currently includes over 1700 people. Any company, particularly SMEs (small and mid-size companies), can ask in for support. We then evaluate together the company’s needs and put them in contact with selected senior experts of our network. in offers this tool not only to companies, but also to any organization who wishes to provide this service to its members. in is therefore complementary to the existing organizations and invites them to establish partnerships to foster innovation across Switzerland.