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Cancer Care 2020

29 September 2020
Cancer can affect anyone – with total disregard for age, wealth and gender. This family of diseases occurs when genetic factors interact with physical, chemical and biological carcinogens to turn normal cells into tumour cells. An estimated 9.6 million people died of cancer globally in 2017.

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Join us to innovate in Life Sciences. Inartis Network is the Innosuisse National Thematic Network (NTN) for Life Sciences. We are a not-for-profit association helping you make your transdisciplinary and cross-industry R&D projects a success across Switzerland and beyond. Join us for Innovation Made in Switzerland.

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Swiss innovation and global competitiveness

Switzerland’s economy punches above its weight in the global economy. Through national thematic networks such as INARTIS NETWORK, Innosuisse plays a key role in transferring knowledge and know-how between research and business.

Innovation – Made in Switzerland

Over 130 R&D projects launched. Over CHF 50 million in public funding secured. Those are the achievements of INARTIS NETWORK in a few words. Yet it has done more. It has enabled its innovators to turn R&D project into reality.

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You have an R&D project in the Life Sciences? You need advice and support on partnerships, structure and funding? We provide you access to a network, knowledge and know-how to help your R&D project succeed.

Swiss innovation and global competitiveness

Despite Switzerland’s small population, its economy – mainly made up of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), – Switzerland punches above its weight. It ranks fourth overall in the 2019 IMD competitiveness index. It even ranks second as to the effectiveness of its infrastructure “in delivering the basic, technological, scientific and human resources needs of business”.

Innosuisse and its national thematic networks

That would also be an apt description of the mission of Innosuisse, the Swiss federal government’s innovation promotion agency.

  • Its aim? To increase the competitiveness of SMEs in the country.
  • Its role? To fund science-based innovation in the interests of industry.

Through its 10 national thematic networks (NTNs), such as INARTIS NETWORK, Innosuisse boosts the transfer of knowledge and technology by bringing together research and business. A 2019 impact analysis report shows that the threefold benefits of Innosuisse:

  • direct economic benefits.
  • strengthened knowledge and technology transfer.
  • increased research expertise.

INARTIS NETWORK – Innovation Made in Switzerland

As one of the 10 NTNs, INARTIS NETWORK focuses on the Life Science sector. Our mission is to create value and jobs, through innovation, across the Swiss Life Science sectors. As Life Science innovations result from convergence, we take a transdisciplinary and cross-industry approach to the way we work. To find out how, read about our approach to Innovation.


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