The challenge

With a growing ageing population, the incidence of bone fractures will rise. According to one estimate, those over 50 with a high risk of bone fractures are set to double by 2040, from over 158 million in 2010.

Trauma technologies have made significant advances in the past few decades. Despite this progress, healing complications still arise in up to 6% of all fractures today. This has an impact on the healthcare system. While complications make up 10% of patient cases, they account for 65% of total related healthcare costs.

The solution

To speed healing and reduce complications, Biomech Innovations AG, based in Nidau (Bern), developed an innovative variable fixation technology. Unlike conventional locking technology, its variable fixation locking screw features a resorbable sleeve. This enables it to shift from rigid fixation (stabilising the fracture) to progressive dynamic fixation (promoting new bone tissue formation) as the fracture heals.

Innovation acceleration

On the advice of Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency, Biomech Innovations met with INARTIS NETWORK, with the aim of speeding up its innovation process.

INARTIS NETWORK provided advice and support in three key areas:

  • Identifying the right R&D partners.
  • Defining the right organisational structure.
  • Securing research funding (in this case, an Innosuisse grant).

“Our meeting with INARTIS NETWORK proved to be a key success factor. Susanne Lauber Fürst, its Vice President, provided strategic advice on how to set up the company,” said Stefano Brianza, Founder and CEO of Biomech Innovations.

“Most importantly, she fully understood the project’s scientific needs. She was instrumental in identifying the right R&D partners across Switzerland. With this solid start we were able to set up a strong consortium and submit a realistic application that won the trust of the medtech experts,” added Mr Brianza.

His company is expecting to receive certification of its quality system, as well as CE marking for its variable fixation locking screw, in 2019.