16 June 2020

Smart Health 2020

Title not yet received

Technoparkstrasse 1, 8005 Zürich – Switzerland

Why should I attend?

The Smart Health conference has been designed specifically for decisionmakers in life science companies, scientists from leading R&D institutions, and experts in healthcare and innovation. At the 2020 conference and workshop, you will discover the latest insights and trends in the sector. This conference also highlights opportunities for transdisciplinary and cross-industry R&D. Finally, this forum provides an ideal meeting point for companies and institutions looking to expand their network and gain visibility within the smart health community

What is Smart Health?

Smart Health is rooted in the digital revolution, implanted innovative devices, personalized medicine and new technologies. Smart health technologies, solutions, devices and services will rapidly change our healthcare environment. Developments in smart health offer a significant global market potential for companies and institutions that are able to leverage this rapid convergence in life science technologies; they will set the pace of this revolution. At the same time, smart health holds a big promise for patients for a better life.

Keywords: Life Sciences, smart health, innovation, diagnostics, monitoring and treatments, convergence between ICT, MedTech & Pharma, digitalization/big data, partnering event, R&D collaborations

More information within the next few months…